May 24: Shashaani is awarded a grant for a three-year project on “Fast and Scalable Stochastic Derivative-free Optimization” from Office of Naval Research. Shashaani will lead this effort seeking to excel stochastic optimization in theory and practice for black-box noisy problems of large scales.

Apr 24: last day of an awesome class with these guys learning (almost) everything about simulation optimization

Apr 24: Shashaani and Houser celebrating last session of Simulation Modeling class! Students are now to work on their final project–simulating a made-to-order Mexican food restaurant. Can simulations helps us identify what is the bottleneck in Chipotle queue? Good luck students and looking forward to your simulation!!

PS: Thank you TAs Ethan Houser and Nicole Felice for all your help!

Mar 24: Shashaani to present a tutorial on Simulation Optimization in 2024 Winter Simulation Conference at Orlando!

March 2024: Paper “Building Trees for Probabilistic Prediction via Scoring Rules” is tentatively accepted at Technometrics

Jan 24: New paper “Two-stage Estimation and Variance Modeling for Variational Quantum Algorithms” submitted.

Dec 23: Shashaani selected for the Baden-Württemberg/North Carolina – Faculty Mobility Program.

Aug 23: Vahdat successfully defended her PhD dissertation and will be a data analyst in Liberty Mutual after graduate school. Congratulations Kimia!

Apr 23: Shashaani wins the best IISE’s Modeling & Simulation Division Annual Teaching Award. The award will be granted at the award banquet during the IISE Conference and Expo in New Orleans.

Feb 23: Shashaani selected as a fellow of the Convergence Research (CORE) Institute. This fellowship will provide a solid foundation and network for the group’s future convergence research projects. 

Nov 2022: Shashaani invited as presenter of the scholarship for women fundraiser entitled Global Frames of Reference: Advocating Ethical Voice, Economic Empowerment and Diversity. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

February 18, 2023,  10:30 AM – 12 Noon on Zoom.

July 2022: Maria Davila-Colon presents her data analytics research with the group in the REU research symposium poster session.

July 2022: Shashaani gives an intro to simulation session to ISE high school visitors.

June 2022: Two of the three teams selected from ISE562-Sp22 to attend the Simio competition were among the winners:

Team “Just Claudia” with members Claudia Donahue and Alexej Lozevski was selected the 1st place!

Team “95% confident” with members Daniel Malerich and Kelby Mace received an honorable mention!